Amanda Pierce




About 14 to 16




Mr. Pierce (Father)


Wilder Wilder (Boyfriend)

First Appearance

The First Issue

Last Appearance

The Final Issue

Portrayed By

Vanessa Morgan

Amanda Marie Pierce is the magazine owner's daughter, Amanda covers Fashion. Amanda's column is ''Fashion Forward''.


Amanda deserves the nickname "daddy's little rich girl" because she gets everything she wants and lives a charmed life, but is very smart with the grades to prove it. She is bossy at sometime such as when she harasses daddy's assistant. However she is a kind-hearted girl who dreams of becoming a singer.



For the first season they were just friends. In the second season she starts crushing on Wilder. She and Wilder have chemistry, despite being major opposites. Wilder was the first to find out Amanda had never been kissed so he gives her a coupon for her first kiss to be with him. Many boys have a crush on her, but she just wants Wilder, even though she breaks his heart in the Summer Bash Issue. In the Hip-Hop Issue she brings a prince named Chase as her date to the dance, who looks exactly like Wilder. They fight over her in a dance-off, and though Chase wins, Amanda chooses her "boyfriend" which is Wilder because he has always "treated her like a princess." They end the series as a couple and share a kiss in the finale, Amanda's first ever kiss.


Micheal and Amanda are good friends for the first two seasons. In the third season they date for one episode. Then Micheal goes of with Yolanda and Amanda goes to Wilder.


Rebecca and Amanda are best friends. They are there for each other and try to help such as when Amanda help Rebecca get into fashion school with Karina. They help eachother out with advise on each other. When Rebecca was going to be left alone over the Summer during The Summer Bash episode, it was revealed the episode after that Amanda came bakc for her. They went to Paris together. Even though at first they were not the biggest fans of each other and they may have their ups and downs, the two remain best friends.


  • She only wears Figarucci clothes.
  • Her favourite singer is Sherrie Overwood

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