The Boys vs. Girls Issue
Season 2, Episode 25
Air date March 23, 2009
Written by Sean Jara
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The Boys vs. Girls Issue is the twenty-fifth episode of season 2.

Episode SummaryEdit

Plot 1Edit

The crew of the Latest Buzz get into the Battle of the Genders. Noah and Rebecca get into a spelling competition with Mr. Shepard hosting and giving Noah all the easy words. Later, Noah realizes how Rebecca always acknowledges his jokes even if they aren't funny, though when Rebecca does some thing smart he always calls her a nerd. He ends the competition in a draw.

Plot 2Edit

Michael and Amanda get into a competition on fashion, Michael tricks Amanda into feeling sorry for him and letting him win. She finds out and gets really mad.

Plot 3Edit

Wilder and DJ get into competitions where Wilder always wins, until finally DJ beats him at double dutch.