The Fake Out Issue
Season 2, Episode 8
Air date November 28, 2008
Written by Terry Saltsman
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The Peer Pressure Issue
The It Girl Issue
The Fake Out Issue is the eighth episode of season 2.

Episode SummaryEdit

Plot 1Edit

There is a fashion show at Buzz and Amanda is excited. She thinks she is going to be a model but is shocked to find out Wilder is chosen above her. Wilder hits the runway and does his silly walk. Amanda laughs, thinking he would screw up. But, in fact, the audience loved it.

Plot 2Edit

Wilder's move on the runway became famous and is called the "Wilder Windmill" which people all over the world are doing. Amanda sees that she can make Wilder into a star. Amanda exploits Wilder, giving him work to do. When Wilder finally gets fed up with Amanda making him do shows and performances and charging people for his work. Wilder doesn't know how to tell Amanda and is sad. Amanda finally sees that she has pushed him to his limit. She cancels all the shows and performances she booked for Wilder and she apologizes.

Plot 3Edit

Noah picks Michael as his wingman to discover Rebecca's feelings. But Noah tells Michael he no longer needs his help anymore, Noah wants to fly solo. Michael is a little disappointed.

Plot 4Edit

Rebecca thinks DJ is going to fire her. When Rebecca overhears a private conversation between DJ and the head boss. She hears DJ say that Rebecca should be the one to let go. When Rebecca give them a presentation on why she should stay at buzz she handcuffs herself to her desk, refusing to leave. When she finds out DJ really wasn't going to fire her in the first place.

Guest StarsEdit

Genelle Williams & Jeff Geddis