The Hip Hop Issue
Season 3, Episode 23
Air date January 25, 2010
Written by Barbara Haynes
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The You're Toast Issue
The Hip Hop Issue is the twenty-third episode of season 3.

Episode SummaryEdit

Plot 1Edit

At the school dance, Wilder's challenged when Amanda brings a prince who looks exactly like him as her date.

Plot 2Edit

Noah wants to tell Rebecca that he loves her but can't say it, Rebecca hears him say it and she says that she loves him too and they share a kiss.

Plot 3Edit

Michael told DJ that he hired a hit deejay but he didn't and instead he dressed up as a deejay and named himself "Beat Boogaloo". Since DJ also wanted Michael to photograph the dance, Michael has to continuously change back and forth between Beat Boogaloo and Michael. He meets a girl named Chloe he fancies, except she only dates college boys, so he uses Beat Boogaloo to get closer to her. Eventually DJ calls out for Michael while he is in his Beat Boogaloo clothes and he has to confesses. Chloe is then annoyed and slightly angry and DJ and Mr. Shepard then become the deejays for the dance. DJ names herself "DJ squared" because of her name, combined with the fact that she is being a deejay.

Guest StarsEdit

Thomas Chambers

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