The Hot Or Not Issue
Season 3, Episode 2
Air date April 27, 2009
Written by Barbara Haynes
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The Love Me, Love Me Issue
The Hot Or Not Issue is the second episode of season 3.

Episode SummaryEdit

Plot 1Edit

Rebecca plans to write an expose article on the annual Ernie C Hot List, but then she's on it.

Plot 2Edit

Amanda and Michael are determined to forget their Summer in explosive fashion. They put all their stuff that was from summer memories, in a box and told Amanda's Daddy's assistant to blow it up. Michael then got a phone call from his agent and he found out the movie Michael made was a hit, so he takes his summer memories out of the box. Amanda and Michael throw a pity party and no one shows up so they're very happy. Michael then finds out the Amanda took the memories out of the box. Now their boxes will be blown up.

Plot 3Edit

Wilder stole Noah's chair because his chair was not comfy and Noah wants his chair back, so Noah lies and he gets the chair. DJ doesn't think the expose article is right for buzz because she didn't go on the hot list, so she wants Rebecca to make a negative article. Rebecca thinks DJ is being selfish. Wilder finds out Noah was lying so Wilder takes Noah's chair from his home. Rebecca then makes a Anti List instead of a expose article. 

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