The Latest BuzzEdit

The Latest Buzz

Main cast

Genre Teen sitcom
Created by Brent Piaskoski
Starring Zoë Belkin

Demetrius Joyette Vanessa Morgan Justin Kelly Munro Chambers Genelle Williams Jeff Geddis

Opening theme "The Latest Buzz",

performed by Vanessa Morgan

Composer(s) Pure West
Country of origin Canada
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes 65 (List of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Brent Piaskoski

Steven DeNure Beth Stevenson Neil Court

Producer(s) Barbara Haynes

(supervising producer; seasons 2-3)

Location(s) Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Camera setup Film; Multi-camera
Running time 23 minutes
Production company(s) Family

Decode Entertainment

Original channel Family
Picture format 480i (SDTV)
Original run September 1, 2007 (2007-09-01) – April 19, 2010 (2010-04-19)
Status Ended

The Latest Buzz is a Canadian teen sitcom from Decode Entertainment aired on the Family Channel, the series ran from September 1, 2007 to April 19, 2010. This is Family Channel's first original multi-camera sitcom.

In this series, a struggling youth magazine, Teen BUZZ, replaces its staff with actual teens. Instead of being in class, five young writers take their last period of the day at the magazine’s office, learning about the fast-paced world of publishing.


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[edit] CharactersEdit

[edit] Main charactersEdit

  • Rebecca Harper (Zoë Belkin) – A happy, eager girl, who sets her sights high and has big dreams, such as winning the Pulitzer Prize, Rebecca writes the Student Issues column, also known as 'In So Many Words'. She is the only one out of all her 5 co-writers that really intends to become a journalist. Her peers sometimes call her a nerd for being very efficient at things. She has a crush on her fellow buzz journalist Noah, and later on in the show they become a couple. In season 3, they break up, and get back together a few episodes later, after seeing what their futures are like without each other. She is best friends with Michael but becomes better friends with Amanda. Rebecca lost her mom when she was younger. She loves baseball, goes to the batting cages whenever she feels bad, and is a fan of baseball MVP Justin Morneau. She use to be a Zuzu Moon fan before the drama between her, Noah, and Zuzu started.
  • Michael Davies (Demetrius Joyette) – A quirky writer capable of reporting on big stories, Michael writes the Gossip column (also known as 'Name Dropping'). Michael is hip and always has so much to say about everything. He always has his camera with him, and is constantly trying to find out some celebrity news. A fabulous dresser with a healthy ego, Michael is best friends with Rebecca, but gradually becomes better friends with both Noah and Wilder. He is the first one to know about Noah's crush on Rebecca. It is hinted that he is best friends with Amanda when she says to him: "My best friend is showing more leg than I am!". In the third season, Michael dates Amanda for one episode. He later dates, breaks up with, and still has feelings for Yolanda Farquhar. He is a fan of the musical 'Good Witch Bad Witch' (a parody of Wicked) and can be seen frequently singing "Which witch should I be? Which witch is really me?", two lines from a song from the musical.
  • Noah Jackson (Justin Kelly) – A sarcastic joker who frequently makes fun of others, Noah is considered the playful misfit, the kid you can't help but want to be around. The only difference is at work, his fellow writers can't afford to just dismiss him. Noah covers Music. and his column is 'Ear to the Ground'. He is the middle child and has a little sister named Carly (who is 6). Noah is in love with Rebecca, though he works hard at denying it. Before long Noah does admit his crush to Rebecca and they end up becoming a couple, although they break up at one point but get back together again. His nickname for her is R. He is funny and can always be counted on for a clever or sarcastic remark. He is also best friends with Wilder.
  • Amanda Pierce (Vanessa Morgan) – The magazine owner's daughter, Amanda covers Fashion. The "daddy's little rich girl", she is the fashion girl. Amanda gets everything she wants and lives a charmed life, but is very smart with the grades to prove it. She has a crush on Wilder, though she doesn't seem to know it. She and Rebecca may fight, but they are best friends. Amanda's column is 'Fashion Forward'. She and Wilder have chemistry, despite being major opposites. She gets a coupon for her first kiss from Wilder, but later on dates Michael in one episode. Many boys have a crush on her, but she just wants Wilder, even though she breaks his heart in the Summer Bash Issue. In the Hip-Hop Issue she brings a prince named Chase as her date to the dance, who looks exactly like Wilder (he is played by Thomas Chambers, Munro Chambers's identical twin). They fight over her in a dance-off, and though Chase wins, Amanda chooses Wilder because he has always "treated her like a princess." Whenever she has a problem she calls her daddy's assistant whose name she doesn't even know. She only wears Figarucci clothes. Her favourite singer is Sherrie Overwood and she dreams of becoming a singer.
  • Wilder Wilder (Munro Chambers) – Gaming obsessed and willing to try anything, Wilder covers Gaming. His column is 'Game On'. As good-natured as they come, Wilder is completely clueless about everything except sports and gaming. Wilder has a crush on Amanda and he gives her a coupon for her first kiss with him. His catch phrase is "awestruck!" which originated when he first saw Amanda. Although Michael desperately tries to find out, Amanda is the only one of the writers who knows Wilder's full name (until it's revealed in a season 3 episode to be Wilder Wilder). He also has an adopted baby sister named Chewya, revealed in season 3.
  • Mr. Andrew Shepherd (Jeff Geddis) – Mr. Shepherd is the school media studies teacher. His elaborate lunches (which he eats at his desk) are constantly interrupted by the kids seeking his advice. He went to high school with DJ. He has feelings for DJ. According to DJ, he always wins. They later get engaged.
  • DJ (aka Dianne Jeffries) (Genelle Williams) – DJ is the editor of Teen Buzz magazine. Although she is beautiful, she is very unlucky in love is often seen on the phone with her judgemental mother. DJ has also has feelings for Andrew and later DJ and Shepherd become a couple and get engaged.

[edit] Recurring charactersEdit

  • Zuzu Moon is a singer who likes Noah. She invites him go on her summer tour with her, to which he agreed. She kicks him off the tour when he refuses to kiss her. There is also drama between her and Rebecca.
  • Cody Herman is the teen buzz former TV writer.
  • Big Wilder is Wilder's dad, who is just like Wilder.
  • Mr. Harper is Rebecca's dad.
  • Yolanda Farquar is a nerdy but sweet girl who likes Michael.
  • Mrs. Pierce is Amanda's stepmother.
  • Mr. Pierce is Amanda's dad. He owns the magazine.
  • Mr. Jackson is Noah's dad.
  • Bossman is the boss of the Buzz head office
  • Daddy's Assistant is Mr. Pierce's assistant. Amanda has been seen talking to him on the phone, usually asking him to do something. He is seen in the final episode.

[edit] EpisodesEdit

Main article: List of The Latest Buzz episodes

# of Episodes First airdate Last airdate
Season 1 13 September 1, 2007 December 15, 2007
Season 2 26 September 5, 2008 April 6, 2009
Season 3 26 April 20, 2009 April 19, 2010

[edit] ProductionEdit

As part as Spring Break-Out celebrations, the Latest Buzz cast and Family and Cineplex Entertainment hosted a launch party for the show. From March 13 until April 2, the Latest Buzz cast visited Ottawa, Queensway, Oakville, Vancouver, Edmonton, and Winnipeg Cineplex theatres. Interviews featuring the cast of The Latest Buzz have been featured frequently on Disney Channel and Family.

[edit] DVD releaseEdit

A best-of compilation DVD was released on May 11, 2010, by Video Services Corp.

[edit] Domestic and international broadcastEdit

Country Network Series Premiere
Canada (English) Family[1] March 10, 2007
Canada (French) VRAK.TV[2] May 28, 2007
Arab World MBC3 February, 2008
Australia Nickelodeon (Australia), ABC3, ABC1 April, 2007
Bangladesh Disney Channel (India) February 11, 2008
Dominican Republic Cartoon Network, Boomerang (Latin America) February, 2008
Honduras (Spanish) Canal 6 (Honduras) February 9, 2008
Hong Kong ATV World December 14, 2008
Hungary Cartoon Network (Hungary) September, 2008
India Disney Channel (India) February 11, 2008
Ireland (English) RTE2 September, 2008
Ireland (Irish) TG4 June, 2009
Israel Arutz HaYeladim July 13, 2008
Italy Disney Channel (Italy) November, 2007
Jamaica Disney Channel, Cartoon Network February, 2009
Latin America
  • Argentina
  • Colombia
  • Guatemala
  • Mexico
  • Costa Rica
  • Chile
  • Peru
  • Venezuela
Boomerang (Latin America) February 9, 2008
Poland Cartoon Network (Poland) September 1, 2008
Puerto Rico Cartoon Network , Boomerang (Latin America) February 9, 2008
Romania Cartoon Network (Romania) September 1, 2008
Singapore okto April, 2008
United Kingdom Boomerang August 25, 2007
United Kingdom Boomerang Media September 1, 2007
United States Family Room HD

(channel discontinued January 2009) Starz Kids & Family

June 19, 2007

(Family Room HD) March 1, 2011 (Starz Kids & Family)

Brazil Boomerang (Latin America) February, 2008
Portugal Nickelodeon (Portugal) September, 2008 Pakistan Disney Channel India) February, 2008
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