The Love Me, Love Me Issue
Season 3, Episode 3
Air date May 4, 2009
Written by Darrin Rose
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The Hot Or Not Issue
The Weekend Issue
The Love Me, Love Me Issue is the third episode of season 3.

Episode SummaryEdit

Plot 1Edit

Zuzu Moon, the girl who Noah followed on tour for the Summer, guest edits the magazine for a week. She befriends Rebecca, and starts stalking Noah. No one believes Noah until the end, when Rebecca walks in and catches her. Zuzu and Rebecca proceed to have a sword fight with an umbrella and poster, and Noah ends up covered in food.

Plot 2Edit

Over to Amanda, Wilder and Michael- They all have a bet to see who can last longer without a cell phone. Wilder loses almost straight away, but he competes to make it harder for the other two to win. Amanda wins in the end. 

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