The Mum's The Word Issue
Season 3, Episode 16
Air date January 7, 2010
Written by Michael Gelbart
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The Third Wheel Issue
The Mum's The Word Issue is the sixteenth episode of season 3.

Episode SummaryEdit

Plot 1Edit

DJ hires Michael's mom to help organize the Buzz office, which drives everyone up the wall. Wilder decides not to do anything to Michael's mom due to one of the "dude rules"; mothers before brothers. He then cracks after Michael lies and tells him his mother destickered his skateboard (his stickers remind him about a special time). This annoys him as Michael's mom broke another "dude rule"; skating before hating. Michael is then forced to talk to his mother and she gives a surprising reaction; great joy due to the fact that her son can apparently is the best at firing people.

Plot 2Edit

Rebecca decides that its her turn to be the class clown and decides to do a stand-up comedy routine at The Blurb. Her jokes are definitely unfunny and when Noah explains that to her that she is funny naturally, she thinks he's just acting jealous because she's funnier and he doesn't listen. On the night, her act starts to bomb but Noah cracks a joke and she begins to crack jokes naturally. Amanda receives a coupon from her step mother for babysitting and asks Wilder for help. He shows her an orb for baby practicing and gives it to her to practice.

Plot 3Edit

Amanda seems to be going really well,with high scores, but really she is keeping the baby with Daddy's Assistant and instead is using a watermelon. Wilder finds out and is angry at her because she lied and because she put an innocent fruit in danger. She then explains that it was cold and distant so she thought she wasn't doing to well and gave the orb to Daddy's Assistant. Wilder then explains the orb is meant to be like that and accepts Amanda's apology. 

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