The Summer Bash Issue
Season 2, Episode 26
Air date April 6, 2009
Written by Brent Piaskoski
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The Summer Bash Issue is the twenty-sixth episode of season 2.

Episode SummaryEdit

Plot 1Edit

Noah has an interview with a singer-Zuzu Moon. They get along very well with each other. That makes Rebecca jealous. Later, Zuzu Moon asks Noah if he wants to go on tour with her for the holidays and he agrees. Rebecca is very disappointed and fears that Zuzu Moon will take Noah away from her.

Plot 2Edit

Amanda's dad loses all of their money so Amanda can't go to Camp Shop-A-Lot in Paris. Wilder let's Amanda join him and his family in Mexico. But later Amanda's father regains all of their money again, so Amanda then decides to go on vacation with her dad and her stepmother. Wilder is upset and hurt by her decision.

Plot 3Edit

Meanwhile, Mr. Shepard and DJ admit their true feelings for one another and Michael is excited that he might end up in a movie. The episode ends with a cliffhanger.