Wilder Wilder




Around 14 to 16




Big Wilder (Father)
Mrs. Big Wilder (Mother)
Roxy (Younger Sister)
Chu-Wei (Younger Adoptive Sister)


Amanda Pierce (Girlfriend)

First Appearance

The First Issue

Last Appearance

The Final Issue

Portrayed By

Munro Chambers

Gaming obsessed and willing to try anything, Wilder covers Gaming. His column is 'Game On'. He also has an adopted baby sister named Chu - Wei, revealed in season 3.


Wilder is an unfocused. lazy boy you have to love. He is as good-natured as they come, Wilder is completely clueless about everything except sports, gaming and dating.


Amanda PierceEdit

His catchphrase "awestruck!" orginated when Wilder first saw Amanda. For the first season they were just friends but Wilder always had a crush on Amanda. Throughout the series Wilder helped Amanda with many thing such as what to do during the summer, how to take care of her soon-to-be sibling or teach Amanda how to cook. Wilder was the first to find out Amanda never got kissed so he gives her a coupon for her first kiss to be with him. Amanda is the only one of the writers who knows Wilder's full name (until it's revealed in a season 3). They end the series as a couple and share a kiss in the finale, Amanda's first ever kiss.

Trivia Edit

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